What are other housing associations doing to offer health, care and support services?

Housing associations are a diverse mix of organisations and this is reflected in the range of ways in which they are currently engaged in health, care and support services.

Your business has its own particular character, tied to a strong social purpose.

Learning how other housing associations have incorporated services within their businesses will help you to unlock innovative models for your own organisations.

What services do other housing associations provide?

Housing associations provide a range of health, care and support schemes for vulnerable people:

  • some associations provide health services for people recovering from surgery or injuries
  • others provide care services for people with long-term conditions
  • some run support schemes designed to promote a culture of belonging for disadvantaged people who are often furthest from the housing market.

How do housing associations provide services?

There are two common models which associations use to deliver these services. Some associations provide both the accommodation and services themselves. Others work with health, care and support providers, from the public and/or private sector, to deliver services in partnership.

The design of partnerships varies widely, but often involves associations managing accommodation on behalf of a service provider.

In challenging times, partnerships solve problems. They are financially efficient, while fostering collaboration and new relationships in your communities.

We recognise the versatility and value of partnerships and these webpages are designed to equip you with the tools and vocabulary to build partnerships with health.

What happens next?

Use the links below to see case study examples of what some members are already doing, to discover what the Federation is doing to support health and housing partnerships, or to find out who to have your next conversation with.