Strength and asset based approaches in health, care and support

Strength based approaches, also commonly known as asset based approaches, have a long history.

Asset –based community development is one of the predominant models of asset based thinking that housing associations embedded in communities have great potential to add value to.

However as the state steps back in a range of areas a new emphasis in other spheres, including care and support, has also emerged on transforming communities and services by building around the strengths, capabilities and potentials of communities and individuals, rather than needs and perceived deficits. The Care Act 2014 has a strong emphasis on focusing on the abilities of people with care and support needs and helping individuals to reach their desired outcomes.

Clore Social Research Fellow, Will Lilley, has explored the spread of asset based thinking across housing, health and adult social care. This guide offers housing associations interested in asset based approaches an overview of what they are, what techniques to employ, and how to get started.