Our Offer for Tenants

Through our Offer for Tenants work, we want to deliver our ambition for housing associations to become among the most trusted and accountable organisations in the country.

As a sector, we are committed to ensuring everyone in the country has the opportunity to live in a good quality home they can afford. This is something we know we already do well – evidence shows that housing association tenants are broadly satisfied with their homes and the service they receive. But we recognise there is always room to do better, and we want to ensure that as a sector we have a consistent, reliable and ambitious approach to being the best possible landlords we can be.

We launched our Offer for Tenants work in 2017 to develop and deliver on our vision for housing associations to become among the most trusted and accountable organisations in the country.

We want to ensure every housing association tenant has a positive, open relationship with their landlord and the very best possible experience of living in a housing association home.

Shaping our sector approach

We’ve been speaking to members, tenants, tenant groups and the Government since we launched this work in late 2017.

Through these conversations, the idea of a sector-wide charter has emerged, which would establish a voluntary set of commitments that housing associations would make to their tenants. This would:

  • Provide clarity and information for tenants so they feel more empowered to hold their landlord to account.
  • Provide a framework for boards to ask questions of themselves and assess their organisation’s performance.

In August 2018, we published a discussion paper together with the Centre for Public Scrutiny to explore with members the principles that this charter might set out, and how these could be overseen.

The feedback we gathered through the discussion paper is feeding into the next phase of engagement with members and tenants, throughout October and November, and will help shape our final Offer to Tenants.

Find out more

If you want to find out more about our Offer for Tenants work and how you can get involved, please get in touch.