Local needs and shared objectives

Ensuring your housing association shares the same objectives as your local partners is vital

A focus on the objectives of your local partners can help to concentrate effort and resources effectively. It may sound obvious but quite often agreeing a common approach to looking at social value with local authority commissioners, health bodies, other housing associations, contractors and other local stakeholders such as community leaders, at pre-contract stage can ensure that everyone is working to the same principles and trying to meet the same agreed objectives.

Before you start the process of articulating what you are delivering, examine local needs and priorities to evaluate whether your project delivers the most desired and effective outcomes.

Mapping local needs (and therefore knowing your market) can help to make your organisation the most effective local deliverer of neighbourhood services. Clearly understanding the local problems through understanding your data and effective engagement with local politicians and community advisors on the ground can really focus your resources to produce the best outcomes and best articulate your housing association’s offer locally.

Examine your residents concerns and how you can best meet their needs and be responsive.

Mapping your local needs

HACT have developed a community insight mapping tool which provides instant neighbourhood and community profiles across your stock. The tool uses open data sources covering all major social and economic indicators and can be used to ensure your services can be tailored to the needs of your local communities.

Communicating the value of existing and potential community investment projects is essential to gaining buy-in from stakeholders and ensuring future support.

Effective engagement with your local politicians can help you articulate the value that your community investment projects can deliver in a local area. Read our guide How to make the best use of your local connections.