Government: public sector reform, localism and communities

Housing associations can make a key contribution to the Government’s agenda around public sector reform, localism and communities

The need for public sector funding cuts and a desire for public sector reform is a strong driver for the Conservative Government. This has already led to significant strides towards devolution in several areas most notably Greater Manchester. Housing associations, with their commitment to local communities and through their community investment activities, can help develop an alternative way to deliver local services. They are therefore well placed to contribute to and support the public sector reform agenda. See our localism webpages to find out more.

Housing associations face opportunities and challenges should they seek to fill the gap that local statutory services have traditionally provided. They can play a pivotal role in providing programmes to support tenants and residents and can often lever in considerable external funding and partnerships to support this. However the challenge is to ensure that every pound spent delivers the best outcomes.

The Cabinet Office is the lead Government department with a focus on the civil society and supports a range of initiatives that can provide opportunities to deliver community programmes to support tenants and help develop stronger neighbourhoods.

The Government has introduced a suite of community rights which offer a series of routes for communities to plan and develop a vision for the future of their own local area. The Government briefing You’ve got the power: a quick and simple guide to community rights provides a simple step-by-step overview of the rights which have been introduced to give people more power over what happens in their neighbourhood.