Housing associations and employment support

Housing associations have strong social and business drivers which support moving tenants into the security and dignity of work. At the moment around 40% of associations provide some degree of employment and skills support to those living in their homes and communities. As locally trusted partners working closely with their tenants and other agencies they are well placed to help break down barriers to employment.

Around half of working-age social housing residents are currently not in work. Our report ‘Worklessness, welfare and social housing’, produced by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion, takes a new approach to understanding and responding to worklessness and disadvantage among social housing residents.

There are many case studies highlighting the kinds of activities housing associations undertake on employment and skills in our ‘A Home, a Job, a Future’ report.

Stronger alignment and integration of housing associations into employment services would save costs, improve service users’ experience and better target those facing complex barriers supporting Government aspirations around reducing the benefit bill and halving the disability employment gap.