Rural housing 5-star plan

We have developed a 5-star plan for rural housing in consultation with housing associations.

The rural housing 5-star plan was launched in 2017 and challenges the sector to increase delivery of rural housing and continue to contribute to a living and working countryside.

The plan is supported by the National Housing Federation and the Rural Housing Alliance, who along with other architects of the plan have a longstanding strategic commitment to encouraging the delivery of new affordable homes in rural communities.

We are working in partnership with our housing association members and wider rural stakeholders to deliver the ambitions of the 5-star plan.

It's clear that the plan is having an impact with the target of increasing rural delivery by 6% being met in 2017/18. The priority is to ensure that the plan maintains this momentum to help rural housing associations go from strength to strength.

We're therefore setting up a rural 5-star plan steering group, made up of rural members from across the country, to ensure that the plan continues to make a difference. We're also asking members who have signed up to the plan to become rural champions to really help us promote the work of rural housing associations. 

If you'd like to be a 5-star plan champion, or on the steering group, please email us. If you haven't yet signed up to the plan but would like to do so, pledge your support now.

Rural housing 5-star plan

Housing associations will:

  • work with and for rural communities, in accordance with the Rural Alliance pledge, which commits housing associations to work with local people in order to ensure high quality new and existing homes that benefit the whole community
  • increase the current level of housing supply in rural communities by 6% per year
  • bid for at least 10% of HCA investment to deliver new homes in rural areas
  • ensure that homes delivered benefit the local economy, including the farming and food economy
  • meet the needs of rural communities and offer rural homes across the range of tenures including affordable, social and market rent, affordable home ownership, self-build and market sale to meet the needs of local communities.

For organisations and boards wishing to learn more, we have produced a brief document about the 5-star plan and each of its points.

We would like all rural members to support the plan by emailing us. We have produced a 5-star plan badge which you can display to show your support once you have signed up.