Affordable home ownership

Housing associations have long provided intermediate housing (or affordable home ownership) options to help first-time buyers and those on low-to-middle incomes own their home. Shared ownership is the most common and well-understood option, through which around 200,000 households have been able to buy a home which meets their needs, in an area they want to live.

The need for intermediate housing has arguably never been greater. The last 10 years have seen house prices rise three times faster than real incomes. The last five years have seen mortgage availability for first-time buyers almost dry up. Housing associations have a crucial role to play here.

The Federation’s work in this area focuses on ensuring continued government support for affordable home ownership options and working with lenders to maintain and increase mortgage availability. It increasingly looks at housing associations role in developing homes for market rent and open market sale.

For more information on the range of affordable home ownership options available, please visit the Homes and Communities Agency website and consult your local HomeBuy agent.


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