Voluntary Right to Buy

Housing associations are working with the Government to deliver its election commitment to extend the Right to Buy to their tenants by way of voluntary agreement instead of legislation.

The Federation and its members are establishing how Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) will work in practice, making sure it delivers for tenants, for housing associations and for the Government. We don't have any control over when the Government makes decisions in this area, but we have been working closely with them on the details of the scheme.

The pilot schemes

The Government ran an initial pilot scheme in 2016 involving five housing associations and has now launched a further pilot in the Midlands in August 2018. This is currently underway and will run for two years. It will test two critical pillars of the original agreement that weren’t tested in the original pilot: 

  • one for one replacement 
  • portability. 

MHCLG has provided further guidance on the delivery of one-for-replacements, including a business case template for housing associations. Find out more (members only).

Further detail

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Stay up to date

If you are a member of the Federation and want to discuss anything in more detail, please email our Right to Buy team.

If you want to know more about Right to Buy and how it affects you as a housing association tenant, we recommend visiting the Government's Right to Buy website.

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