Our political influencing

We’ve been working with our members and the Government to push through changes to the system to make Universal Credit work for everyone.

There’s still a long way to go, but here are some of changes we’ve lobbied for over the past year:

  1. In late 2018 the DWP committed to seek a solution to the four weekly managed payment to landlords. This is an issue that we have been consistently lobbying for with officials on behalf of our members. We are pleased to note that an outcome on monthly payments should be presented by Autumn 2019.
  2. Through continued involvement in the DWP stakeholder sessions on managed migration, we are pleased to see that some of our key asks, around data sharing, claimant support and better relationships with landlords, look set to be taken into consideration during the Harrogate pilot in 2019.
  3. In September 2018 we hosted members of the Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) in London and Manchester to get member input on their recommendations on the Governments' managed migration consultation. SSAC members were positive around the contribution and perspective of housing associations in the sessions and we were pleased to see joint priorities reflected in their submission to government. On 1 January 2019 the Government accepted 10 out of the 11 recommendations put forward by the SSAC.


The Federation submitted evidence to the DWP Select Committee enquiry into the ‘natural migration’ of people from the legacy system onto Universal Credit. We recommended that the run on of benefits should be brought forward from 2020 and raised the need for better information and advice and the potential to use the Landlord Portal to facilitate better data sharing with social landlords.