Business models available

Thistle have built a reputation for providing a range of market-leading insurance solutions across the social housing sector.  They understand that every housing association is different and unique with its necessities, they are flexible with the way a partnership is managed and policies are administered. 

Selecting and promoting the My Home scheme for your tenants will provide tailored policies and cover, protecting you and your tenants’ individual needs and requirements. Their team are prepared to support the partnership, offering you access to a range of hassle-free business models that suit your organisation:

Include cover within rent payments

The ‘with rent’ model allows tenants to include insurance within their rent. Administration and premium collection is handled by you, giving you full control of the process. Marketing support and staff training are provided by the My Home team.

Arms length cover

The ‘arms length’ model allows you to promote the insurance to your tenants, while the My Home team take care of the administration and premium collection. Marketing support and staff training are provided to your team to help raise awareness and increase tenant take-up of the scheme.

Stock scheme

The ‘stock scheme’ will provide complete peace of mind and a hassle-free approach. It ensures blanket cover for all your tenants, meaning everyone is protected against the major perils such as fire and flood. Insurance premiums can be absorbed or passed to your tenants.

Save resources with the ‘My Home’ marketing support

My Home offers a range of marketing assets specifically designed and tailored to your organisation to help encourage your tenants to get contents cover. You will be provided with educational material, flyers, application packs and social media images. Everything supplied and ready to be used, saving you time and budget on marketing.

In addition, their tenant 'call back' service provides first hand support and information for housing providers and your tenants.