Our action plan

Our action plan outlines the building blocks we’ll put in place to achieve our objectives, and forms our initial workplan until December 2020.

1. The NHF is an inclusive workplace where everyone feels they belong

To achieve this objective, we will:

  • Continue to work closely with our internal diversity and inclusion working group.
  • Ensure diversity and inclusion is everyone’s responsibility to champion, and integral to how we do things.
  • Provide training that enhances diversity and inclusion.
  • Deliver a programme of staff-led initiatives that support diversity and inclusion.
  • Ensure where possible, staff can balance personal responsibilities and interests with the needs of the business.
  • Ensure our technology supports different ways of working.
  • Ensure where possible that all colleagues, regardless of their working locations, can participate in projects, events and initiatives.
  • Review and improve the diversity of our media spokespeople, blog authors and conference speakers.
  • Continue to be active members of organisations that share our ambitions for diversity and inclusion such as the HDN, WISH and HouseProud.
  • Measure our progress by surveying our staff on their sense of belonging.

2. We attract diverse talent at all levels, including the board

To achieve this objective, we will:

  • Update our careers website to ensure it’s accessible and includes appropriate language and imagery.
  • Introduce new recruitment guidelines setting out our approach to attracting diverse talent and removing barriers.
  • Ensure the principles of diversity and inclusion are integral to the recruitment training we provide for managers.
  • Evaluate our trial of the Rooney Rule initiative, and if successful, continue the approach.
  • Review our success as a Disability Confident employer, and if successful, advance our accreditation.
  • Advertise our vacancies in a range of accessible media. 

3. We have built trust through transparency.

By being honest and transparent we will build trust with those interested in joining the NHF workforce, and with our existing staff.

To achieve this objective, we will:

  • Publish biannual staff diversity data on our intranet and website.
  • Voluntarily report on our gender pay gap internally and externally.
  • Voluntarily report on our ethnicity pay gap internally and externally.