What we want to achieve

Our overall ambition is for the NHF to become a more diverse organisation, and to be seen as diverse and inclusive by our members and by our staff. Specifically, by 2025 our aims are that:


The Federation is an inclusive workplace where everyone feels they belong.


We attract and grow diverse talent at all levels, including the board.


We have built trust with our staff and those interested in joining the Federation workforce, through transparency.

This action plan covers our work relating to the nine protected characteristics in particular. It is not an exhaustive list of all of the actions we will implement and we are open to adding more activities to our programme. Subsequent phases of our diversity and inclusion work are likely to cover social mobility in addition to the nine protected characteristics.

How we’re going to do it

Our ambitions are big, but as a relatively small organisation, we have limited resources, including a small People team, the director of which is responsible for the NHF’s internal diversity strategy. To ensure we make the most of our limited resources, all staff are encouraged to participate in the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda and to lead different initiatives. Equality, diversity and inclusion is very much everyone’s responsibility and collaboration across the NHF is key to making change happen.

How we’re going to measure it

Our key overall measures will be the comparison of our staff demographics to national diversity statistics. We will also measure the success of specific actions through staff feedback and involvement levels, member feedback, the diversity of job applicants, and whether we have all of the appropriate policies in place.