Do you know what impact your housing association is having on the local economy?

In England last year, housing associations contributed over £21bn in gross value added to the economy and directly employed over 130,000 people. Our updated Local Economic Impact Calculator can help you find out how your housing association has contributed to this figure.

Tom Wood, Research Officer, National Housing Federation

Tom Wood, Research Officer, National Housing Federation

29 May 2019

The Local Economic Impact Calculator sheds light on the massive contribution that housing associations make to the UK economy, both nationally and locally.

It reveals the economic impact that housing associations make at a range of geographical levels, including regions, combined authorities, local enterprise partnerships, and individual local authorities.

It also contains area profiles detailing key economic indicators including employment, house prices and earnings, and demonstrates the collective economic contribution that housing associations make to the local area in terms of housing stock and the gross value added (GVA) generated by investment in affordable homes.

Housing associations can find out how their own individual organisation has influenced the local economy through their day-to-day activities. The calculator makes retrieving this information very straightforward.

You can simply input the number of homes you manage within an area, or its localised turnover, and the calculator will provide estimates of the GVA to the local economy, as well as the number of jobs sustained and employee earnings. These estimates include figures for both direct and indirect impacts, not only estimating the number of people employed directly by housing associations, but also jobs sustained indirectly via supply chains.

As well as allowing you to see the impact of current housing association activity, the calculator also shows the impact that proposed new development will have on the local community. By entering your proposed number of new homes, or a cash value of proposed investment, you can use the calculator to estimate the number of new jobs and GVA created by a new development.

The calculator provides you with all the information you need to know about the economic impact that your current and future activity will have on local communities. Used alongside our local engagement toolkit, the calculator can be a powerful tool to help support the evidence base behind your influencing strategy.

Here's a demo video to help you make the best of use of the Local Economic Impact Calculator.


The Local Economic Impact Calculator is free to all National Housing Federation members. Please feel free to contact our research team if you have any questions.

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