Local Economic Impact Calculator

Our updated Local Economic Impact Calculator shows housing associations’ contribution to the productivity of local areas.

Housing associations are key drivers of economic growth and have a huge impact on the local communities where they operate, adding value to the UK economy and supporting thousands of jobs.

What is the calculator?

The Federation’s Local Economic Impact Calculator is a free, easy-to-use tool available to all members. It allows housing associations to estimate the economic impact of:

  • Building new affordable homes in their area, simply by inputting a given number of homes.
  • Their day-to-day activity, calculated either by the number of homes managed or turnover.
  • The activity of housing associations within a given area.

Data can be profiled by: 

  • Local authority area.
  • Combined authority area.
  • Local Enterprise Partnership area.
  • English regions.

It’s essential for housing associations to demonstrate their strength to local and national politicians by promoting their economic contribution. 

Our political engagement toolkit can help you influence policians and stakeholders, and build key relationships.

This version replaces the 2018 edition. It is based on the latest available data and includes five new combined authorities.

Who to speak to

Tristan Carlyon, Head of Research and Analysis