Power analysis

It’s not always easy to pinpoint the stakeholders you most need to meet with, particularly in such rapidly changing times and with devolution continuing apace. We’ve created a digital tool to help you work through the concrete steps you need to develop impactful influencing plans.

With deep roots in community organising, power analysis is a structured approached to building the relationships you need. It can be used by any housing association, from those who have never done this before to those who have in-house public affairs teams. It can help you with your influencing work whatever its focus, whether that’s a particular organisation, geography or specific policy issue. 

Click through the tool for a step by step guide to creating your own power analysis, filling in the corresponding form as you go through. This works well as a group exercise but can also be done individually. At the end of this process you will have developed an impactful influencing plan and we have also produced an editable version of the tool in Power Point so you can present it to colleagues and boards.