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What are the challenges?

Through the ideas process, and working together with members and the public in our roadshow events, we've now identified three challenges facing shared ownership.

We’ve partnered with DesignStudio to end the confusion around shared ownership and make it a product fit for the future. They believe that, first and foremost, we have an awareness problem, and have recommended that we overcome three big shared ownership challenges:

  1. Awareness – people haven’t heard of it. 
  2. Understanding – people have the wrong perception of it. 
  3. Experience – once in, people love it, but the path getting to it could be better.

To establish how we can overcome these challenges, we held roadshows across the country and asked our members what they thought. These roadshows, attended by over 150 people from more than 100 different housing associations, gave us clear feedback.

We need to develop an approach based on honesty – we need to bust some myths. We need to tell people what shared ownership is, so they can see that it isn’t what they think it is. 

So that’s what we’ve done. Working with our shared ownership steering group, we’re going to take this campaign to new heights.