Assessing the scale of PPE challenges for frontline staff

02 April 2020

We are aware that accessing personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline staff is an ongoing challenge for housing associations continuing to provide vital support services during the coronavirus outbreak.

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We have asked our members to quantify their need for PPE and we are engaging with the government and local authorities for access to PPE for frontline care and support staff. This would ensure they are properly protected when working with people who may be carrying coronavirus, or who are especially vulnerable to its effects, and that they do not pass on the virus if they are carrying it inadvertently.

If your organisation is experiencing issues with PPE, please email our team with feedback on the extent of the problems you have had accessing the right type of PPE for: 

  • Essential staff in hostels or other types of supported housing. 
  • Essential repairs/maintenance staff. 
  • Other staff (please give details). 
  • Whether these difficulties are specific to particular local authority areas or geographies. 
  • Whether this is specific to particular types of PPE, or across all supplies. 
  • An estimate of the amount of PPE that you need to maintain the safety of staff (per week). 
  • Whether you have had any support from public sector bodies to access PPE. 

We will continue to work with MHCLG, the LGA, and other stakeholders to ensure that PPE reaches the right people. 

Who to speak to

Suzannah Young, Policy Leader