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Responding to coronavirus remains the top priority for housing associations around the country as they work hard to provide services and support for their residents.

We’re doing everything we can to make sure our housing association members are informed, connected and heard during this challenging time.

Working with our members, we’ve developed four key policy priorities for the sector:

  • Keeping residents safe
  • Protecting residents’ incomes
  • Keeping vital services running
  • Supporting communities and recovery.

This has involved working closely with the government and other stakeholders on a range of urgent issues, from clarifying guidance on easing lockdowns, to funding for care and support services. You can read more about our priorities in our policy briefing.

We are also making a strong case for the contribution social housing can make to government's plans for economic and social recovery. We're doing this by:

You can find out more about our coronavirus work through the updates below. 

    Autumn national lockdown


    Our initial analysis and next steps following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a new national lockdown.



    Guidance for landlords and tenants

    We've summarised the most recent version (November 2020) of the government's non-statutory coronavirus guidance for landlords and tenants - including the latest information on evictions.


    Official advice



    We've collated a wide range of advice from the government and other organisations.



    Sector statement


    To support residents through the coronavirus crisis, our sector has made several public commitments.


    Communities Together

    We’ve collated examples from across the country on how housing associations are supporting residents and communities through the coronavirus crisis.


    Partnership working

    Our sector can provide housing for vulnerable people that need to move urgently - these resources will support that work.


    Guidance for supported housing providers

    We've summarised the latest guidance and shared further advice and resources for supported housing.


    Lockdown funding for rough sleepers


    The government has announced £15m of funding for rough sleeping under the Protect Programme that will be available until March 2021.


    Supporting tenancy sustainment


    This briefing shares how housing associations have been helping residents access benefits and other support to alleviate financial hardship.


    You can find out more about this work through the latest updates below.

    Who to speak to

    Catherine Ryder, Director of Policy and Research