Government consultation on vaccines for care home staff

21 April 2021

The government has launched a five-week consultation on making receipt of the coronavirus vaccine a condition for staff deployment in care homes for older people.

The consultation seeks views on:

  • The proposal to require vaccines for older people’s care home staff unless they are medically exempt
  • The definition of a care home
  • Whether other settings should follow suit
  • Any potential impact such a requirement could have on staffing and safety.
  • How it could be implemented
  • Consequences for unvaccinated staff
  • Who could be exempt.

You can read more about the consultation on the government’s website.

We will be responding to the consultation on behalf of our members. If you want to help shape our response please get in touch.

You can also respond to the consultation directly via the Department of Health and Social Care’s website. The consultation is in the form of a survey the deadline to respond is 21 May 2021.


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