Local lockdowns: information and next steps

02 July 2020

The government has announced the UK’s first local coronavirus measures in Leicestershire this week, with non-essential shops and schools closing and other restrictions put in place.

We’re aware that this presents questions and challenges for housing associations operating within the current and any future local lockdown areas. Issues you’ve raised with us include: 

  • Whether day-to-day services should change within lockdown areas
  • Managing differing services for residents inside and outside of lockdown areas
  • Whether there are any restrictions on moving in and out of area
  • Impact on new lettings within lockdown areas

We know that members urgently need information and clarity on these and other issues and we have raised this with MHCLG as a matter of priority. No specific guidance has been issued so far, but MHCLG have confirmed they will issue more clarity for housing associations soon. We will update members in affected areas as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we have summarised the specific measures announced for Leicestershire, what the government has said to date on local coronavirus measures, and existing guidance on risk assessments that may be useful for members.

If you’re affected by the local lockdown in Leicestershire or have any issues or questions about local lockdowns more generally, please get in touch

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