Response to government announcement on support for renters

18 March 2020

Kate Henderson, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation, said: 

"We welcome government's extra support for renters. We understand some people living in social housing will be concerned about how they're going to pay rent and we want to reassure them that no one in a housing association home will be evicted due to coronavirus. If you are concerned about your ability to pay, please contact your housing association who will want to support you. 

"Rent is really important to not-for-profit housing associations - this money allows them to carry out essential repairs and maintenance work and provide support services to people in their homes. Where people's circumstances change due to the coronavirus, the welfare system must step in to ensure they can pay their rent and have money to live off. 

"Housing associations will continue to work closely with residents to help them manage their rent and ensure they can access all benefits they are entitled to. We want to work with government to ensure there is support in place for housing associations dealing with any loss of income from rent."