What is Homes at the Heart?

Our homes have never been more important to us than they have been during the coronavirus crisis. For some people, home has been a sanctuary. For others, it has been a prison. Everyone deserves a safe, secure, comfortable place to call home. Not just now, in the middle of this crisis, but always. 

Investing in social housing makes this possible. It will also boost the economy, create jobs and improve people’s lives when our nation needs it most.

That’s why we’ve launched Homes at the Heart, a national campaign and coalition calling for a once-in-a-generation investment in social housing.

The theme for this week: settled futures

Our six campaign weeks of action will showcase why homes should be at the heart of recovery, covering a range of themes that highlight all the ways social housing is good for the economy and society – from creating jobs and delivering care and support, to decarbonising the country and supporting prosperous communities. 

During the this week of action (beginning Monday 21 September) we want to showcase why homes are at the heart of settled futures. The focus will be on highlighting vital homelessness services and temporary accommodation. 

What we’re asking our members and supporters to do

  • Share your own stories and evidence about how your organisation is tackling homelessness or otherwise contributing to settled futures using the hashtag #HomesAtTheHeart. This can be through graphics, photos, videos or quotes – or case studies and blogs on your website. 
  • Build local political support by inviting politicians to a virtual or socially distanced visit of your schemes, or encouraging politicians to support the campaign by posting a short video or photo.

Our key messages are: 

  • A heroic, cross-sector effort virtually ended rough sleeping overnight at the beginning of lockdown. The impossible became possible and we were shown what can happen with enough determination and funding.
  • The coronavirus crisis has put more people at risk of homelessness such as young people, people fleeing domestic abuse, or people losing their jobs.
  • Temporary accommodation can be very harmful to families’ physical and mental health, with people from BAME communities particularly at risk of being stuck here. It is too often poor quality and overcrowded, and represents a huge cost to the public purse.
  • We need to invest in preventing homelessness, by funding more social housing, initiatives to help people find and keep jobs, and supported housing.

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The latest blogs, resources, media coverage, political engagement and updates on the social media activity.

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Kate Henderson interview on Channel 4 News


The latest blogs, resources, media coverage, political engagement and updates on the social media activity.

Kate Henderson interview on Channel 4 News


This campaign has been produced in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Housing, National Federation of ALMOs, Association of Retained Council Housing, and Crisis.

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We’re also delighted that over 50 supporters have already come on board.

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