Accounting and the Housing SORP

We’re working with housing associations and finance bodies on the International Financial Reporting Standard and the Housing SORP.

SORPs and international-style accounting

Statement of Recommended Practices (SORPs) interpret accounting standards and provide recommendations on financial reporting for particular industry segments, such as the housing association sector, to which the general rules don’t easily apply.

The Housing SORP: 2018 update applies to all registered social housing providers in the UK and provides essential guidance on, and interpretation of, accounting standards for the sector. 

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC), the UK accounting standard setter, subcontracts the development of the housing SORP collectively to the National Housing Federation, Community Housing Cymru (CHC), and the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA).

The development of the housing SORP is overseen by a representative group, the SORP Working Party, which is facilitated by the NHF. The SORP Working Party follows the FRC‘s policy on developing SORPs.

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Internal and external auditor list

To help housing associations select the right internal and external auditors and ensure that the tender process is healthy and competitive, we've compiled a list of the auditors used in the sector.

Model accounts for housing associations

Grant Thornton have shared a set of model accounts for the social housing sector. These are intended as a best practice guide to help with the preparation of financial statements.

You can find out more and request these on the Grant Thornton website.

Accounting for Grenfell considerations

This guidance provides housing associations with relevant advice on accounting considerations arising from costs related to the Grenfell tragedy.

It has been prepared following discussions between sector auditors and housing association finance directors at relevant meetings of both the SORP Working Party and the ICAEW Social Housing Committee.

Housing associations' individual circumstances and views on accounting treatment should be discussed with their own auditors.

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Audit tender template

We've produced a template to help housing associations in their external audit tendering process.

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Who to speak to

John Butler, Policy Leader