Shared ownership

The shared ownership campaign has transferred

In December 2020 we announced that we were looking for a new organisation to lead the shared ownership campaign. This decision followed a strategic review of our work in response to impacts of the pandemic on our business.

The NHF is proud of the campaign and we recognise it still has an important job to do of raising the profile of shared ownership. However, with a smaller team at the NHF we are sadly no longer able to carry on leading this work.  

Working closely with the campaign steering group, we explored all available transfer options and selected Keaze as the new organisation to carry on delivering the shared ownership campaign. 

Year 2 of the campaign

We are delighted that Keaze have agreed to be the new campaign lead organisation. Keaze were already a campaign partner through Property Booking and they created the and the Campaign Hub.

Keaze’s knowledge and understanding of our sector makes them well placed to lead the campaign into the future and to build on all of the successes of Year 1.

Find out more

To find out more about the team behind the next steps of the campaign, you can

NHF and shared ownership

Whilst the campaign transfers to Keaze, shared ownership will remain a top priority for the organisation. You can:

  • Find out details on the Affordable Homes Programme here.
  • Take a look at the programme for the virtual Affordable Home Ownership 2021
  • Be a part of our shared ownership data collection project to establish some new national facts and figures about shared ownership and how the product works in reality later in the year.

FAQs on shared ownership

See some commonly asked questions and legally verified responses and guidance from us and Trowers & Hamlins 

Info for leaseholders

Find out everything you need to know about EWS1 forms and remedial works on these pages