Shared ownership

Our shared ownership campaign is boosting the profile of this great product across the country on a scale that’s never been done before.

We’ve created this campaign with housing associations, the public and design and media agencies, to develop and deliver a clear, consistent way for the sector to talk about and market shared ownership.

This new narrative and creative is now part of a nationwide advertising campaign which launched in January 2020, designed to help the public understand what shared ownership is and help more people into home ownership.

46 housing associations have signed up to the campaign so far.

You can find out details on the Affordable Homes Programme here.

Important update

In responding to the coronavirus outbreak and following government advice for the housing market, we temporarily paused the campaign and advertising between April - August 2020.   

In light of new advice and after listening to campaign supporters, we are now recommencing the advertising and promotional activities for Year 1 of the campaign from Friday 18 September 2020.

We have observed the new media landscape and consumer habits as part of our restart strategy and ensured that our messaging is current and appropriate. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


"We need this campaign to mainstream shared ownership. We want to showcase it to its potential audience and for them to see that it’s not just something that’s a last resort - it's an opportunity."

- Amy Nettleton, Aster Group and member of the shared ownership steering group

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Ella Cheney, Shared Ownership Programme Manager