The campaign so far

We set up this campaign in 2018 with the goal of creating a powerful new narrative for shared ownership.

Our first job was to team up with branding agency DesignStudio, and we spoke to members of the public to identify what the main barriers were in delivering a strong and clear message.

We pinpointed three main challenges:


    People hadn't heard of it.


    Secondly, people have the wrong perception of what it is.


    Once in, people love it, but the path to getting to it could be better. 

    We agreed that overcoming these three issues was key to ending the confusion around shared ownership and making it a product fit for the future.


    "We need this campaign to mainstream shared ownership. We want to showcase it to its potential audience and for them to see that it’s not just something that’s a last resort - it's an opportunity."

    - Amy Nettleton, Aster Group and member of the shared ownership steering group

    We then set up a steering group of housing associations to push the campaign forward and get other housing associations on board. To date, 46 organisations have signed up. 

    Our website at was then set up, in partnership with Property Booking, to help the public understand more about shared ownership and whether it might be the right product for them.

    After appointing a media agency, we set out plans for a national advertising campaign which began on 20 January 2020.

    Who to speak to

    Ella Cheney, Shared Ownership Programme Manager