Top 5 tips for using our campaign hub

Once signed up to our campaign, you get full use of our campaign hub and the creative assets it contains. The hub contains all of the creative assets supporters need to help build awareness and understanding of shared ownership in their own marketing. There are a few top tips to get the most out of them.

Always visit the welcome section

Every time you log on to the campaign hub, visit the welcome section for all the latest on the campaign. There will be a list of actions for you to take. Doing these actions will ensure you get the most out of the campaign.

Make the most of the new animated assets

Our animated assets bring the campaign to life in a dynamic way. These are best used on your social media and websites.

Make your mark, add your logo  

We’re in this together, so we’d encourage you to add your logo to the campaign headline assets. Simply replace the blue placeholder graphic which will be on each editable file with your logo.

Make the co-branding work for you

Every housing association has their own distinctive visual identity. Use the guidance in the co-branding section to see ideas on how to incorporate the campaign visual language within your communications, as much or as little as you want to.

Our campaign goes hyper local

Housing associations sell shared ownership homes across England. We've created geographical variations on these particular headlines, to allow you to choose one that can connect hyper-directly to audiences in your area.

If you would like hyper-localised headlines for different localities that are not listed on the campaign hub then get in touch and we will create them for you.

Please note: only paying campaign supporters have access to our campaign hub and can use the new campaign materials.