Regional breakdown of 2023 equality, diversity and inclusion data

06 December 2023

The NHF has published regional breakdowns of housing association equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) data, following the launch of our report How diverse is England’s housing association workforce in 2023?

Drawn from the 177 organisations who submitted their data as part of our 2023 EDI data tool collection, the regional reports present the full data, key findings and areas for future focus for each of the nine regions in England. Region is determined by the location of the housing association headquarters, rather than location of stock.

Regional breakdowns of the data from our national EDI data collection are available to access below for housing associations in these areas to review and act on. This includes a summary for each region which should be read alongside the regional data published in the completed NHF EDI data tool and the main report on national data.

If you any questions about the data, please get in touch

What does the regional data tell us?

In the key findings across all nine regions, there were more similarities than differences. In all nine regions Disabled people are underrepresented across all workforce groups. There is a lack of trans representation (people with a gender identity different from sex at birth) at leadership level in all nine regions and across all workforce groups in most regions. However, in four regions the workforce is representative of trans women, trans men and non-binary people (but not other gender identities not listed).

Both female representation and ethnic diversity at leadership level were key areas for future focus for most regions. However, it varied as to whether there was a lack of representation amongst executives, board members or both. There was also variation in whether female representation or ethnic diversity at leadership level had increased or decreased since 2021. For example, four regions were less ethnically diverse at executive level compared to 2021.

Join our regional roundtables and find out more about what EDI looks like where you work

Between January and March 2024 we're hosting a number of virtual regional roundtables where you'll have the opportunity to find out more about the data and key findings from your region, and what organisations are doing to create more inclusive workforces to build trust and tailor their services to reflect the growing diversity of their residents and stakeholders.

The roundtables are an opportunity for organisations to:

  • Learn about the key areas of underrepresentation where they're based.
  • Understand why it’s so important for organisations to be representative of their communities and deliver services that meet the diverse needs of the people they serve.
  • Share information and hear about what other organisations are doing to create more inclusive workplaces and deliver more equitable services.

They are also your chance to contribute to the following discussions:

  • What barriers do you face collecting and contributing your data for the EDI data report?
  • Is there anything you think the National Housing Federation could do to further support this agenda?
  • What steps do you currently take to assess whether all residents have fair access to, and equitable outcomes of, housing and services?

Information about each roundtable can be found below alongside the data and key findings from your region. To secure your place at one of the roundtables, get in touch with our Admin team and let them know which regional roundtable you’d like to join.

Regional breakdown

East Midlands

Join the regional roundtable

19 March 2024, 10-11:30am

Chair: Holly Dagnall, Director of Homes and Wellbeing, Nottingham Community Housing Association

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East of England

Join the regional roundtable

19 January 2024, 10-11:30am

Chair: Wendy Evans Hendrick, Chief Executive, Orwell Housing

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Join the regional roundtable

26 January 2024, 10-11:30am

Chair: Bunmi Atta, Director of Construction, Southern Housing

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North East

Join the regional roundtable

31 January 2024, 10-11:30am

Chair: Alan Smith, Chief Executive, Believe Housing

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North West

Join the regional roundtable

6 February 2024, 10-11:30am

Chair: Sasha Deepwell, Chief Executive, Irwell Valley Homes

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South East

Join the regional roundtable

15 March 2024, 10-11:30am

Chair: To be confirmed

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South West

Join the regional roundtable

23 January 2024, 10-11:30am

Chair: Victor Da Cunha, Chief Executive, Curo

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West Midlands

Join the regional roundtable

9 February 2024, 10-11:30am

Chair: Tahir Idris, Equality and Diversity Manager, Housing 21

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Yorkshire and Humber

Join the regional roundtable

16 February 2024, 10-11:30am

Chair: Lee Bloomfield, Chief Executive, Manningham Housing

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Please note the North West, West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber regional summaries have been updated on 14 February 2024 with changes to data on slide 7.

The the South East regional summary has also been updated on 12 March 2024 with changes to text on slide 9.

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Katie Hipkiss, Research Lead