Our governance

Find out how the National Housing Federation is governed, meet our board members, and learn about how we’re accountable to our members.

We are driven by good governance

We have adopted the sector’s Code of Governance, which demonstrates the highest standards of governance.

Our chair is independent – they do not work for one of our members – and our board is comprised of 12 people from both inside and outside of the housing association sector.

Our board sets the strategic direction of the Federation, and works with our executive team to do so. Our board has three sub committees that report to the board as necessary:

  • An executive committee that meets with key stakeholders and acts as the remuneration committee.
  • A risk and audit committee that considers in detail risk and the financial viability of the Federation.
  • nominations committee that recruits for new board members.

We are accountable to our members

As a membership organisation, it is important that we are accountable to our housing associations members.

We are in constant contact with our members, and regularly invite staff from across different housing associations to shape our work. We also complete an annual satisfaction survey to solicit feedback from our members, which feeds into our business strategy. 

In addition, once a year we have a formal annual general meeting (AGM) that reviews our work. Representatives from every member are invited to this, and arrangements are made for alternative voting if attendance is not possible.

We are not-for-profit

We are a not-for profit organisation – you can find out more about how we operate by reading our Articles of Association.

We make our annual financial statements publicly available, outlining how we are performing, our financial drivers and objectives, and whether these are being met.