How we’re partnering with tenants

We know that if our four-point plan is going to work, we need to design it with tenants and residents. That’s why we’ve been working closely with tenants and residents throughout this process.

Our tenant and resident questionnaire

Our four-point plan – to create a new relationship between tenants, residents and housing associations – is currently open to consultation and we want to hear from tenants and residents across the country.

We have set up an online questionnaire for tenants and residents, that we encourage people to share so we can hear a range of views.

We’re also encouraging tenants and residents to contact us with any questions they have about our four-point plan.

A new tenant advisory panel

To help build a new stronger relationship between tenants, residents and landlords, the Federation is working with the Centre for Public Scrutiny to convene a new tenant advisory panel.

The panel will sit independently of the Federation to provide advice and challenge and guide this work as it develops.

Applications are open to all housing association tenants and residents and we want to ensure a diverse and inclusive representation.

The deadline for applications is 4 April, and more information can be found on the Centre for Public Scrutiny website

Come to our Together with Tenants consultation 

Our next consultation event is in Manchester on 9 April

We will be consulting on the draft plan - talking to tenants, residents, housing associations and stakeholders - ensuring the plan, and how it is put into action, is shaped by as many different views as possible. 

If the event starts to fill up quickly, we may hold some spaces in reserve for tenants and residents to give them the opportunity to attend as a priority.

You can book online, if you have any queries please contact our event support team by email or by calling 0207 067 1066.

Resources for engaging with tenants and residents

If you want to host your own tenant engagement event to gather feedback on the draft plan, we've put together a presentation with facilitator notes to help you do so. 

You can use this presentation to guide your tenants and residents through the plan and to gather their feedback with a view to shaping the next phase. 

If you are hosting your own tenant engagement event, we would ask that you share your feedback with us by email

Download the presentation and facilitator notes

Tenant and resident oversight and scrutiny

In our four-point plan, we’ve proposed a new Together with Tenants charter that will provide a consistent framework for housing association boards to assess whether they are meeting the expectations of their tenants and residents.

Tenants and residents are better placed than anyone to take a view on the homes and services their landlord is providing, and must be trusted to do so. We’re therefore proposing that the Together with Tenants charter will provide a mechanism for tenants and residents to play a vital role in oversight and scrutiny – holding their landlord to account.

Our proposal is that tenants and residents report to the housing association board, who in turn would be expected to respond and put plans in place to address any issues, in a transparent and public way. 

We are currently seeking feedback from tenants and residents on this proposal as part of our open consultation on our four-point plan.

A national tenant voice group

We are also advocating a strong national voice for social housing tenants and residents, through our support for the work of the ‘A Voice for Tenants’ steering group and our ongoing close collaboration with tenant representative organisations throughout the development of this plan.