The Social Housing Green Paper

The Government’s Social Housing Green Paper – A New Deal for Social Housing – was published on 14 August 2018.

It draws extensively from a Government listening exercise in which ministers heard the views of social housing tenants across the country, and touches on issues exposed following the Grenfell Tower fire. It also draws on external research and intelligence.

The Green Paper is structured around five themes:

  • ensuring homes are safe and decent
  • effective resolution of complaints
  • empowering residents and strengthening the regulator
  • tackling stigma and celebrating thriving communities
  • expanding supply and supporting home ownership.

The Green Paper and housing associations

The Green Paper addresses a range of issues that affect housing associations, on issues such as safety, supply and the stigma of social housing tenants. At its heart however is a desire to rebalance the relationship between social housing tenants and their landlords – looking at issues such as complaints procedures, transparency and accountability.

The Green Paper sets out proposals of how these issues could be addressed, including through increased regulatory oversight and performance standards. It also references the Offer for Tenants work (now known as Together with Tenants) that we are already doing as a sector, which we believe offers an important sector-led response to the challenges around accountability and transparency.

We set out our detailed thinking on the different aspects of the Green Paper in our 12-page discussion paper, which formed the basis of our consultation with members. Through regional events, chief executive forums, a webinar and feedback on this paper, we gathered feedback from around 400 of our members.

Our sector response

We used the feedback we gathered through consultation with around 400 of our members to develop an ambitious sector response to the Social Housing Green Paper.

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