Resource Solutions

Resource Solutions specialises in helping supported housing providers with service charges.

Their aim is to help client organisations recover all necessary, eligible and reasonable accommodation service costs through their service charges. This has become increasingly important in an environment of reducing grant funding as organisations and individual schemes strive to maintain service standards and financial viability.

Established in 2005 they work on a national basis in support of all client groups, with many different types of organisation and across a wide range of supported accommodation provision.

Resource Solutions can help you:

  • Ensure full recovery on all necessary, eligible and reasonable accommodation service costs.
  • Reduce the impact of support grant cuts.
  • Be self-funding and sustainable into the future.
  • Maintain the level and standard of your accommodation services.
  • Maintain staffing levels to meet resident and accommodation requirements.
  • Develop the appropriate intensive housing management model for each scheme in your supported accommodation portfolio.
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Contact details

For more information visit the Resource Solutions website, or contact:
Dominic Owens
Tel: 01670 513008 or 07880 518927