Research and data tools for members

Our members are a diverse group of organisations who provide a wide range of services. To help you communicate the impact of your work, we have a range of tools and resources.

Assessing economic impact

The Local Economic Impact Calculator enables you to estimate the economic impact of:

  • building new affordable homes in your area, simply by inputting a given number of homes
  • your day-to-day activity, calculated either by the number of homes managed or turnover
  • the activity of housing associations within a given area.


Our Devolution hub includes films, blogs and briefings on devolution to help housing associations influence devolution to create the best possible environment for social housing and your customers.

How many new homes are housing associations building?

Every quarter we survey those of our members who build new homes and publish the survey results. Our Supply Survey addresses a long-standing issue with the available data on the supply of new housing association homes. We offer a more complete picture of the level and breadth of development activity engaged in and funded by our members.

Understanding the housing crisis where you are

Home Truths is a collection of reports that provide data on the housing market in nine different regions of England. The reports include data on affordability, levels of home ownership, shortfall in housing supply and more. You can also create custom regional reports, with your logo and organisation’s name. Data is refreshed as an when updated figures become available, meaning you’ll always have the most up to date information.

In addition to Home Truths, you can use Housing Counts to explore and compare key trends in different geographies and operating environments. Housing Counts uses open source data, from house prices, private rents and income, to housing association stock information, empty properties and fuel poverty.

What makes a place great?

We are looking at what makes a great place to live, and exploring how we can address the unique housing challenges facing urban communities in the North and the Midlands. These are places that have experienced economic decline and where, unlike London, the challenge isn’t always one of supply, but of quality, opportunities, infrastructure and location. Through our Great Places programme, we aim to identify and understand the challenges these places face, and explore how housing associations can be part of the solution – working with local communities and partners to help create thriving and resilient communities around the country.

Other tools and resources

We are developing various new tools and resources, including an interactive map of all the brownfield sites in England, which enables you to examine this data and cross-reference it with other data for those areas.

If there is something else you think would help you better communicate the impact of your work, please let us know.