Building more high quality homes

The way we build hasn’t changed for centuries and yet new technology means we should be able to build homes more quickly and to a guaranteed high quality. However, as a nation, we’re addicted to brick and no-one has found a way to deliver new types of building at scale.

Building Better fosters collaboration and standardisation among housing associations, combining the sector’s pipeline to buy homes from the offsite manufacturing sector.

It will then use the sector’s collective purchasing power to buy homes from the best offsite manufacturers at a price that works for housing associations.

Finally, Building Better will bring detailed property information to housing associations, enabling them to make intelligent decisions on the maintenance of their properties.

A collaboration of housing associations have provided seed funding and support to make Building Better a reality. The full-time team, supported by Mark Farmer, author of Modernise of Die, the seminal review into offsite construction, already have fifteen associations contributing valuable data and information setting Building Better up to meet its ambitious targets. Their goal is to have 100 Building Better homes delivered across three sites within the next 12 months, doubling their pipeline to 200 homes in their second year. To find out more, please email Trina Chakravarti.

Who to speak to

Trina Chakravarti, Project Director - Building Better