Building and fire safety

The Grenfell Tower fire shocked and horrified the housing association sector.

Since the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, housing associations have moved quickly to review safety measures in their buildings, ensure appropriate and necessary fire safety information is available to residents and responded promptly to the Government’s cladding safety tests.

Within hours of the tragedy, housing associations in London and beyond offered accommodation and practical support to the community in Kensington and Chelsea.

Please explore the tabs below to see a variety of reports, responses and helpful information on building and fire safety and find out how to get in contact or get involved here.

Our work is focused on ensuring that:

  • the sector responds with urgency and compassion to the building safety concerns that have been uncovered since the fire at Grenfell Tower
  • with our members, we help shape and deliver an effective system for keeping buildings and residents safe, including legislative, regulatory and funding frameworks
  • we will take forward a culture change programme to ensure that all housing associations are taking a proactive approach to building safety. 

The Federation is committed to doing everything we can to help drive up standards in building safety. If you need to contact us about our work in this area, please email Victoria Moffett, Head of Building and Fire Safety Programmes. 

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