Public inquiry

In this section you can find information on the public inquiry.

We are currently waiting on the interim report which will give more context and direction to the inquiry.

We are expecting the interim report from phase one of the Grenfell Tower inquiry to be published late 2019.

The inquiry has now formally written to core participants about the interim recommendations and is currently considering a range of suggestions made by expert witnesses and legal representatives. The expert witnesses have each produced formal advice on interim recommendations, which will be published alongside the interim report.

Find more information on the Grenfell Tower inquiry website.

The National Housing Federation wanted to become involved in the inquiry, in order to relay information and offer support to members.

We have met with the inquiry to explain who we are and our role, so that they are aware of the information and support we could offer them if they thought it appropriate. We have been monitoring the progress of the inquiry to understand any recommendations it could make and any support we will provide our members as a result.