Post-election: Engaging with MPs

Together, we can tackle five big housing priorities and make Britain’s housing market work for everyone.

For the 2019 general election, we campaigned for the next government to #FixTheHousingCrisis for good.

Now that we have a new government, it’s time to make sure ministers and newly elected MPs understand the housing crisis – and how we can work together to fix it.

Housing associations work in every constituency around the country. Now is the perfect opportunity to reach out to MPs and offer your support, experience and ambition.

We want every MP in England to know their local housing association, understand the local and national issues you’re working on, and hear our calls for ambitious government action.

So get in touch with your MPs, offer to meet them – and start spreading the word.

You can use our political engagement toolkit, which includes advice, templates and resources, to get you started.